Katie & Greg “We got the photos and they are beautiful, we are so happy with them and we cant thank you enough. I will recommend you to anyone I know thats getting married or needs a photographer. Thank you!!!!”


Amanda & Corey “If you could see me now..you blew us away. You completely blew ME away! We just finished looking through them and I am in tears! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! We will never be able to thank you enough for your generosity. You are incredible.”


Charleen & Michael “They are absolutely beautiful! We LOVE them!!!”


Sarah & Leika “We got the photos and we are OBSESSED! Thank you so much!”


Olivia & Molly “Oh my goodness oh my goodness. Words cannot describe how thrilled we are with the photographs! We knew you would do a fabulous job, but the final pictures far exceeded even our wildest dreams -- you captured not only the people and places so well, but somehow managed to really capture the spirit of love and goodness that filled the day. They are absolutely stunning, and we can't wait to share them with our loved ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are just blown away!”


Alex & Andrew “I just have to say: I’m dead. WOW WOW WOW!!! The presentation of the box, the pictures & the USB are just beyond! That was such a beautiful touch! And of course, there are pictures that have left me completely speechless. I was smiling & tearing up while going through all the photos. I think at this point, I have looked at them 10 times plus! Thank you for everything, most importantly “capturing ours”. I love each & every photo more & more every time i look at them. I am so so in love with reliving this day — all made possible by you! I appreciate everything that you did, from start to finish. It was exquisite, & I wish nothing but the absolute best for you & Capturing Yours.”


Jess & Scott "Stephanie and Zach were wonderful - they fit right into the flow of our non-traditional wedding day and were up for a little city adventure.  More than that,  I love, love, love our photos!  I was so happy with the results - she captured some little moments I didn't know she had and I really appreciate seeing them now.  They're amazing!  I really hope we have the chance to work with Stephanie again.  Thank you so much for making a long day so beautiful and memorable!"